Images like this excite me so much! These tiny creatures, captured by microscopy photographer Igor Siwanowicz are alien, ethereal, mesmerising.
The wiggly blobby portrusions and very abstract-looking structures are just fantastic. This is exactly the kind of energy I want my work to convey. There's something really innocent and adorable about these tiny organisms, and this is particularly good inspiration for creating some alien lifeforms and landscapes with my worldbuilding project.
I want to incorporate the bending, shifting, unfolding, flourishing processes that life can express on tiny scales such as these into a drawn world of soft, tentative, cellular beginnings reflected in a multitude of scales. 
The scope of the ideas that imagery like this generates nearly always exceeds one's production capabilities, but this is a fact that need not get in the way of my attempts to do these tiny creatures justice. Expect to see more blobby sketches very shortly!
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