As I began researching and gathering samples of fungus, I would leave them on paper so that they release their spores as a print. It is a relatively simple process, granted that you make sure the mushroom you are using is not disturbed for several hours until you reveal the print.
The other concern is fixing the print- once the spores have fallen onto the paper they are still loose, and are easy to rub off. I have damaged several in the scanning process but have learned that for next time I need to use a fixative.
What I've ended up doing with these prints is just experimenting in photoshop: frying them a little and then using them as a backdrop for some silent narrative drawings. They don't have a particular goal other than to create ideas for how to work with fungal imagery in new ways. If I use these to springboard off, they may take my fungus project in a more story-based direction. 
Possible forms that I'm considering at the moment for the outcome include a zine, or potentially a series of prints or paintings.
I think that what I'm enjoying about the subject matter is its potential to imagine worlds. I want to continue this exploration in different media and build some fantasy fungal-industrial landscapes, and see how the world develops!
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