Sometimes an idea for an illustration works better in 3D. 
As I've been doing some worldbuilding and sketching tiny fungus and vegetable houses, I thought that it would be more exciting to make them tactile, and create little sculptures that interact with each other.
While their form doesn't really follow function, I see them as more of an interactive storytelling tool that expands upon a world I plan to describe in my colouring book and installation.
initially, the little houses started out as a repeat pattern for a risograph and for paper boxes, but the next step seemed to be to consider what these boxes would contain.

The ornaments I made were from polymer clay, painted with ceramic paints and glazes, and then varnished. Through my research in the woods looking at fungi, I became interested in lumpy and irregular forms, which is shown in the tiny houses.
While they may have merchandising potential, I'm currently seeing them as an extension of my worldbuilding and something to display alongside my colouring book.
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