A lot of my self-directed projects lead me towards thinking and working in space.
I think that the appeal of making spaces is that it adds another dimension to your storytelling and heightens the viewer's level of interaction with the work.
The challenges of installations include finding a space that suits the project and what it is trying to say, and putting yourself in the viewer's shoes and thinking about how they will move around in and interact with the space.
My first foray into installation involved making an alternate world-type crawl space under my studio desk. The idea behind it was to express a desire for escapism and a tendency to hide from things we find to be too real.
Thinking about audiences is important too, and i think that an installation should connect with an audience and mean something to them. When I get carried away with an idea, it's easy to fall into a trap of self-indulgence.
However, spaces are for people, and I think that installations help me think about the functionality of my work in a different way.
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