I like what I make to be loose and wiggly, but my way of drawing takes inspiration from geometric forms as well as organic ones. The doodle above is based on the space filling curve
I'm also excited by depictions of fractals and higher-dimensional shapes.
Last year, I made a comic about a particular fractal known as the Mandelbrot Set. It felt like a turning point in my. I discovered a purpose for my illustrations: to inform, especially about niche and novel stories found in areas that may not form part of many people's general knowledge.
The comic can be found here. In introducing this past work, I hope it will set the tone for where I want to go with the infographics and comics I'm aiming to make in the near future. The informative aspect here may provide contrast to my more explorative and open-ended projects by being more applied and grounded. 
Although my illustrations are not geometric in themselves, geometry is important as an influence because it ties into the idea of connection, complexity, and things fitting together. It enables the kind of procedural, rhythmic thinking that underpins my process.
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