Many of my recent projects are educational in nature, which means that they need to be backed up by research into a subject area. This entails gathering the relevant facts and presenting information in an easily digestible manner.
Finding reliable sources is also important. If I need a brief overview of an unknown subject area I need to illustrate, I will often use a TED talk as a starting point for gathering information.
Sometimes, friends can also be helpful for providing knowledge in a specific area. For example, I obtained resources from a friend's mindfulness course to inform my infographic on mindfulness.
Because much of the educational media I've produced thus far has been for an online audience, the facts had to be curated quite carefully and suited for purpose.
Any read longer than 3-4 minutes is unlikely to hold a user's attention, especially on a scrolling platform like instagram, so things had to remain concise and interesting.

There are a lot of online guides to creating effective infographics, and I would particularly recommend this course.
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